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Sweet Startup was created to engineer and grow exciting digital products and businesses. Think of us as a different kind of web technology development, online marketing, and investment company.

We build scalable internet-based products and services. Sweet Startup’s advantage is that it adheres to winning strategies and processes to build enabling web technologies, virtually all in-house, for its own company benefit and for that of its seed investments.

Interested in an investment? We invest our skills as sweat equity and not just money. Our team of creative, marketing, design and technology professionals are passionate about helping smart entrepreneurs create viable companies. We refine products and boost traction in that critical early phase to maximise your chance of success in raising early seed investment.

Our approach is to partner with great founders early on and help them to quickly create a business story, minimum viable product and clear route to market. We can provide early cash to get these basics right, but more importantly we roll up our sleeves and give you our attention and focus to find the right answers.

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In the critical early stages of a new venture, there are gaps and needs that suddenly become very acute.

It could be tech issues. It might be a need for some early cash to test a marketing channel. It might be an intro to a partner that could make the difference.

We can help with all these things, or just one of them. We're totally flexible to try and solve your problems. We've been there before ourselves, and getting the right solution at the moment of need can make all the difference in getting things moving. And we know that speed is of the essence.


We don't just cut a cheque for some equity and sit back—in the hatching stage money alone will not determine your potential. Much more important is the know how and connections to help develop your product, branding, business and marketing before launching.

We’re here to help refine your ideas at the earliest stage, drilling into the market, and setting them off on the right track, before helping move the company into full production, or go for funding at a better rate.

Our core requirement is to only work with great founders who have the passion and motivation to build viable digital companies, and the skills to make it a reality.


We've co-founded a number of successful VC and angel backed ventures, and continue to go through the same challenges you are facing today.

The key to our success is our ability to assess ecommerce opportunities by researching key information in the macro and micro environment and devise an executable strategy for viable growth, build the product or service, as well as market the product and maintain efficient operations.

We have some pretty good experience in product development, operational planning and marketing / growth, and want to bring this knowledge to some early stage startups as well, where we can invest in and work with the founders to accelerate traction.

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